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Why study at LDK?

Lycee De Kigali (LDK) is one of the oldest high schools in Rwanda that has surpassed expectations of many in terms of consistency in excellent performance.

LDK started in 1975 by the French as a science-modelled high school. Indeed, it has transcended leaps and bounds to become one of the best mixed high schools in Rwanda. Since the Government took charge of the school in 1982, there has been enormous progress in all aspects.

LDK will be nationally recognized as an outstanding school, instilling a passion for life-long learning in all students. In addition, the school’s driving spirit is captured in its Vision which is premised on its expansion and utilization of available resources with the ultimate objective of rising to the highest learning institution.
At Lycee de Kigali we actively encourage and facilitate achievement of the highest possible academic results, the formation of each students’ moral character, unique life skills, capacities, talents, and the creation of strong communal and social responsibility among students which mould them into responsible citizens. In partnership with parents and our community, LDK exists to provide a comprehensive educational experience that is high quality, challenging, and inspires all students to make a positive contribution to the society.
Team Work: Towards Excellence Efficiency: Ensure that everything is done well and on time Integrity: Acting in an honest, accountable & transparent manner Hard work: Dedication to duty Professionalism: Do the right thing, right place and time Loyalty: to the school and the values it perpetuates Patience: in the times of difficulty Humility: Handling all members of the school, visitors with humility MOTO: “Strive to Excel”

Welcome Message

With great honour, I am glad to have served as the Headmaster of Lycee De Kigali (LDK) for this long.

It gives me the opportunity to serve my beloved country and particularly our children; nurturing them into responsible, patriotic and charismatic citizens that positively contribute to the development of the nation, Rwanda.

HEADMASTER - Lycee de Kigali

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