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Head Master’s Message

I welcome you to Lycee de Kigali’s web site. The website comes at a critical time in the history of the school and the country in general. Lycee de Kigali (LDK) has re-defined the goal of the institution by orienting academic vision toward ICT and other science disciplines. The decision matches the nation’s Vision 2020. The website therefore will become a tool for information outreach and will facilitate learning through programs and activities aimed at student participation. I wish to extend my sincere gratitude to a multitude of people... read more

News and Announcements

  • Babyeyi

    Kigali, tariki 15/11/2017 Babyeyi dufatanyije kurera, Igihembwe cya gatatu 2017 kirarangiye, kandi abanyeshuri batahanye indangamanota zabo. Uretse abafite umwenda cg ibitabo. Gahunda twashyizeho yogukora ibizamini kumunsi wambere wogutangira...

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  • Critical thinking for peace by Never Again

    The never again week in lycee de Kigali was organized by Never Again club in Lycee de Kigali and it has been entitled “critical thinking for peace”. It has come to our attention that the generation that we youth are living in today are not...

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  • LDK teams won duo trophies in the inter-schools competition.

    LDK Boys football team representing Nyarugende won the league level against Gicumbi represented by Byumba Inyange. While LDK girls team won against Saint-André girls team in basket (64:4)

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  • Inter school pre-selections kicks off at LDK

    As Inter school competition for year 2017 is due to open in two weeks time, Lycee de Kigali competing teams are going under intensive per-selection training to prepare winning lineups for the...

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Students club

  • Hope for the Needy

    Hope for the needy “Hope for the needy” is an association which started in 2010 by students from Lycee de Kigali. The founders of this association wanted to give their contribution on solving the problem of illiteracy of African children. Currently the association has 20 members. How does it...

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  • RWANDA4U peace initiative

    RWANDA4U peace initiative Is a youth club aiming at creating responsible citizenship among young Rwandan who are the present and future of my country ; by creating a space for developing common ideas and visions by arranging meetings, debates, workshops on non violent communication, peace...

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  • Scouting

    The Mission of Scouting The mission of Scouting is to contribute to the education of young people, through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law, to help build a better world where people are self-fulfilled as individuals and play a constructive role in society. This is achieved by...

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  • Youth of Africa foundation

    Youth of Africa foundation As the name says, it is the African youth with three objectives Keep peace among people To build the best reputation of Africa Encouragement of patriotism among people Why this club ? It is sorrowful when you realize that the news about Africa is always dark. Yet...

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  • Too big to fail ?

    The Roman Empire did not fall in a battle of war. There was no single big clash of arms that drove it to its knees. It was corroded from the inside. At one stage, the wealthy held so much gold coins that there was not enough currency to keep services to the public going. By keeping the money to...

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  • Technology

    The first public television pictures were transmitted in 1926. The first TV interview was made with Irish actress Peggy O’Neil in April 1930. The first televised sporting event was a Japanese elementary school baseball game, broadcast in September 1931. The first daily broadcast was started by...

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  • Famous

    Leonardo da Vinci, who was born in Vinci, near Florence in 1452, is known for his visionary ideas. He made sketches of scissors, the parachute, helicopter, airplanes, and engineering designs, some of which came into use 400 years after his death in 1519. But his notebooks never provided an...

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  • World population1

    In 1801, when the first complete world census was carried out, the world’s population was 1 billion. China had 295 million people, India 131 million, Russia 33 million, France 27 million, Ottoman Empire 21 million, Germany 14 million, Spain 11 million, Britain 10 million, Ireland and the USA 5...

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Lycee de Kigali Documentary for 40th Anniversary

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