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School Policies

School Policies



There is a need to improve on the academic standards of the students in Lycee de Kigali. This is the reason why it is important to put in place these guidelines for proper prep utilization.

The following were proposed to help meet the above objectives.

  1. Students should keep time. Punctuality in everything is an aspect of success and discipline. They are therefore expected to be punctual in preps from Monday to Thursday when night preps take place from 8:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. During the weekends Preps begin at 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. and night preps from 8:00 to 10:00 P.M.
  2. Students should strictly study within their specified rooms. It is illegal to be found in a room where you do not belong at any time. No student should be in the dormitories during prep time.
  3. Strictly there should not be any movements during prep time. Avoid loitering.
  4. No phones are allowed in prep rooms.
  5. Strictly no noise is expected during prep and after prep.
  6. No sleeping or dozing during prep times.
  7. Students should carry all the materials they need during preps i.e. enough books, pencils, pens, calculators, exercises and homework plus water for drinking.
  8. Strictly put on school uniform during preps. No jackets, jumpers, toppies, ear rings are expected.
  9. No dirtening of classes during prep time.
  10. Students in the boarding section should maintain good academic and discipline records at all times.
  11. Students should respect prefects, security officers and room leaders at all times.


  1. Students who fail to keep time should become day scholars for one working week.
  2. Students found out of their reading rooms or study rooms should be suspended for three (3) working days.
  3. Students found with phones or receiving and making calls during preps and in prep rooms should be made day scholars.
  4. Students found moving and loitering around should be made to mop the steps at that particular time.
  5. Students found making noise, sleeping and disturbing others during prep time should be made day scholars for one full month.
  6. Any student found putting on something that is not part of the school uniform ; such attire should be confiscated for the rest of that term.
  7. Students who dirten their classes should mop five more rooms for three (3) days.
  8. Students who fail to get average grades should be made day scholars for ever.
  9. Students who disrespect prefects, security officers and room leaders should be made day scholars immediately.


  1. Any student who is made a day scholar, all of his or her property should be taken to the security offices for custody until the time of suspension is over.
  2. Any student given a punishment should be effected at the school assembly so that every student knows that a particular student has been punished for a given case to help other not fall in the same trap.
  3. Classes that are not used for preps should be strictly locked.
  4. Teachers participating in preps supervision should be facilitated with torches and other needed materials.
  5. The school should buy rechargeable lanterns to be used when power abruptly goes off.
  6. Students who would like to continue with revision after official prep time should request for it through writing to the discipline office. Then they should be given a specific room where to read from
  7. Any person having arrangements with students within prep time should inform the discipline office early enough to be aware of the changes made.
  8. Teachers who are supervising preps should be given a cup of evening tea.
  9. In future, the administration should consider rewarding teachers supervising preps in other terms so that they can be more vigilant.
  10. The idea of prep supervision should spread to all teachers including those living in the Kiyovu staff quarters. Those who are ready can then participate.
  11. One teacher should be in charge of overseeing the implementation of the decisions taken on prep offenders.
  12. Teachers who have supervised should make a brief report immediately to know how the exercise went and make recommendations.