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Students clubs

Students clubs


In lycee de Kigali, apart from academic curriculum, students have organized themselves to form different clubs and associations with the help from the school administration and other organizations from outside the school.
The clubs and associations have different aims and objectives : To promote unity, social welfare, togetherness, talents development, fighting against genocide ideology, promoting discipline and life skills among others. This has helped much the school and the students.
This has also motivated and wide ranged students’ ideas in the way of promoting discipline and high standard academic performance as the way of preparing their better future.
The following are the currently active clubs/associations in LDK.

  1. Anti-crimes club
  2. Anti-SIDA club
  3. Entrepreneurship club
  4. Young life Rwanda
  5. Never again
  6. A.E.R.G
  7. P.L.P
  8. Environment
  9. Environment
  10. Hope for needy
  11. Ubutwari
  12. Rwanda 4 U
  13. Scout
  14. Red cross
  15. Higa ubeho
  16. United Nations Association Rwanda
  17. Debate club
  18. Media club
  19. Youth of Africa
  20. Entertainment club