Who We are


Lycee De Kigali (LDK) is one of the oldest high schools in Rwanda that has surpassed expectations of many in terms of consistency in excellent performance.
LDK started in 1975 by the French as a science-modelled high school. Indeed, it has transcended leaps and bounds to become one of the best mixed high schools in Rwanda.

Since the Government took charge of the school in 1982, there has been enormous progress in all aspects.

Today, LDK accommodates over 1, 400 students for both O and A levels. LDK is a partnership between Government of Rwanda and Parents. Thus, the school receives students from all corners of Rwanda with different academic backgrounds. Our schooling system nurtures them into the best products you can ever have on the market. This is justified by the consistent 100% pass rate and admission on state scholarship at various higher education institutes.
We strive to produce students with the right balance of ; academics, and societal values.

Like many other institutions in Rwanda, the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi left the school in tatters. After the genocide, LDK started from scratch, picking up the pieces to again mould it into a model institution.

Post-Genocide, LDK underwent major changes and reforms, all aimed at making it a better institution and today these efforts have paid off. LDK is one of the best schools in Rwanda, feeding into major universities in Rwanda, the region and from across the globe.
Academic performance remains consistent. Similarly, performance in other aspects such as sports and extra-curricular activities, discipline, debates and more is also something to be proud of at LDK.