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LDK has two good football grounds and a volleyball court, part of the reason the school has always excelled in these two sports. The school’s trophy cabinet is full of numerous awards that its football and volleyball teams have collected over the years.

To encourage participation of all students, the school is now introducing 10 new games, including ping-pong, badminton, chess, tennis, long jump, high jump, athletics, scrabble, chess and the traditional igisoro.

The department of sports, culture and entertainment, which works in collaboration with the discipline office to prepare a schedule of activities for competitions for every academic year.

To achieve their goals, the school created competitive groups and also put in place patrons for each group to lead and guide them.
For many years, Lycee de Kigali’s dominance in sports has been outstanding. The school’s sports excellence is drawn from its mission to make extra-curricular activities part of the learning process.

LDK put in place facilities that allow students to explore their talents
LDK has won the national football schools championships, the Seven Countries-One Championship basketball trophy, where Lycee emerged the best among schools picked from seven Eastern African countries. For instance, in 2017 LDK won the Kagame Cup School football Championship, qualifying to represent Rwanda in the highly competitive FEASSA (Federation of East Africa Secondary School Sports) In 2013, LDK emerged the best sporting school in the City of Kigali. The school has also taken part in different regional competitions including the East African High School games, inter-regional competitions and many others where it has been fairly represented.

The secret to LDK’s sports success lies in the schools ability to provide facilities to students to explore their talents. The school has two pitches which can be used at different times and it has also given students an opportunity to engage in different sporting disciplines. From football, to rugby, to basketball or tennis, LDK has an all-round extra-curricular timetable which allows its students not only to pursue their academic quests but also develop their God-given talents. Among other sports disciplines, the school has performed well in volleyball, cricket, tennis, rugby as well as indoor games such as chess. A wide range of indoor and outdoor games give LDK the students a variety of options regarding what they would want to do in their free time.