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Discipline at LDK

For any education institution to excel academically discipline has to be at the core of everything and that is what has been Lycee de Kigali secret to success.

As the school aims at registering 100 percent success and a 1:1 ratio passes in both boys and girls at “O” and “A” levels, discipline has been identified as a key aspect in helping LDK to achieve its mission.

A strict disciplinary code guided by the school rules and regulations helps the management of the school to maintain high levels of discipline.

Part of the routine includes monitoring morning and afternoon students’ roll calls, implementing compulsory night preps for boarders, evaluating students regularly through homework and assignments as well as raising pass mark for principal and subsidiary subjects.

Regular communication with parents and guardians through a telephony SMS system and engaging the surrounding community has been very helpful, but beyond enforcing strict rules, LDK uses a different approach which includes motivating students to be self-disciplined by reminding them their mission at the school.

As an urban based school, LDK is prone to receiving children with different behaviours, some of which might not be good. So the school has to constantly keep the students in check to ensure that they do not stray.

Students are encouraged to form support groups amongst themselves where each group has a ‘mother’ and ‘father’ who act as advisors or counsellors. This is supplemented by the prefects’ body

The school also holds regular motivation sessions encouraging students to stay away from bad habits where in some cases, former drug addicts are brought it to address the students on the dangers of drug abuse.