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Staff & Student Welfare

Sick Bay

The school has a fully functional sick bay to deal with medical emergencies at any time. The sickbay which is equipped with medical supplies is run by a nurse who is always available to attend to any eventuality.

The sickbay, according to the school management attends to emergencies and first aid cases but a school van is always at hand to rush any student in critical condition to a nearby hospital.
At the sick bay, there is a special girls room “Icyumba C’yomukobwa”, well stocked with girls sanitary wear and fist aid facilities.

Staff Facilitation & Accommodation

The welfare of LDK staff, both teaching and non-teaching (support), is good. The school provides accommodation to a number permanent staff at the staff-quarters wing. The working environment at LDK for staff (both teaching and non teaching) is very conducive. The staffroom and offices of administration and support staff are well-furnished to enable them execute their duties diligently.

School Feeding & Canteen

At LDK students are well fed on a balanced diet. Students in boarding section, totalling to about 450 have breakfast of porridge mixed with milk everyday, served with bread and eggs. Lunch is served to all students including day scholars totalling to about 1,000. A milk dispenser is installed right adjacent to the dining hall. With only 100Rwf a student can enjoy a cup of fresh milk. The school Canteen is well stocked with snacks and drinks and other personal usables that are demanded by students, especially those in boarding section.


Both boys and girls dormitories are sparklingly clean, with 27/4 flowing water in both toilets and showers (birth rooms). Routinely/daily, girls and boys clean their dormitories every morning before they go for studies. There are dormitory student leaders who ensure that personal hygiene is strictly observed. All students sleep in treated mosquito nets provided by the Government.