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Headmaster’s Message

With great honour, I am glad to have served as the Headmaster of Lycee De Kigali (LDK) for this long.

It gives me the opportunity to serve my beloved country and particularly our children ; nurturing them into responsible, patriotic and charismatic citizens that positively contribute to the development of the nation, Rwanda.

First and foremost, I wish to appreciate the Government for the support it renders to LDK that enables us to operate the school efficiently.

My humble gratitude also goes to parents, who have generously supplemented to government resources to run LDK.

I wish to thank the LDK Team comprised of administration, teaching, non-teaching or support staff who worked tirelessly to output the best student outcomes.
LDK has consistently performed well academically at both O and A levels. This is as a result of effective leadership and management of the school that has enabled all facets of the school system work efficiently.

The teachers are qualified to deliver the best teaching service possible. The teaching or academic facilities like computer and science laboratories are adequately provided.

At LDK, as will be illustrated in other sections of this website, we have pragmatically adopted the “Smart Classroom” concept. We are steadily phasing out the use of chalkboards, moving towards the use of teaching aids like projectors.

In regards to extra-curricular activities, LDK is consistently topping the charts. Our football, basket ball and volleyball teams have not only rocked Rwanda but the region as a whole. Just to single-out one in many, recently in 2017, having scooped the Amashuri Kagame School Championship 2017, LDK Football represented Rwanda at the FEASSA (Federation of East Africa Secondary School Sports) Tourney in Gulu, Uganda. Other teams also continue to perform exceedingly well and are winning accolades and prizes.

Driven by the notion “A healthy body is a healthy mind”, we have vested much effort in the welfare of both students and staff. The feeding, accommodation, health and sanitation at LDK are all in good shape.

Working closely with the parents and Government, we are working on expanding the facilities of the school (academic, extra-curricular and welfare facilities) as spelt out in the LDK Strategic Plan 2015-2019. Quite impressive progress is being in terms of expanding the school infrastructure. The construction of the school fence is ongoing, asbestos Roofings have been replaced, plus the routine repairs and maintenances. The next big project is the construction of dormitories that will be enough to accommodate all students within the school and eventually close-off the Day Section.

The support from parents, through the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) over the years has been quite phenomenal. The parents built the girls dormitory “Ndabaga”, bought a school van, and have now embarked on funding the construction of the perimeter wall (ongoing). My humble appreciation goes to our dear parents, without your support we could hardly manage to get where we are today.

LDK has nurtured many successful professionals. Since we celebrated the LDK 40th Anniversary Celebrations in 2015, we embarked on building LDK Alumni Association. We are using online platforms and other technologies to reach out to all Alumni. I urge all OBs and OGs to be proud of their school (LDK) and should aim at keeping in touch and contributing to the school development agenda.

Through this website, we commit to make it more interactive especially with our external stakeholder—including ; parents, alumni, partners and the community. It has been studiedly linked with LDK social media platforms to allow more interactions from whoever visits one of the platforms.

Always browse the Website : www.lyceedekigali.ac.rw,
Facebook : Lycee De Kigali,
Twitter : #LDK,
Instagram : Lycee De Kigali,
LinkedIn : Lycee De Kigali
Whatsapp : 0788302539

Give us feedback on how you wish LDK to improve.